Grey Warden

Grey Warden

G I am grey; I am a being who stands between black and white

R  I am resolute; I am a being who battles the spirit of the damned

E   I am enigma; I am a life lived in secret for the good of others

Y   I am  y-axis; I hold the balance of the world in my hand

W I am a warrior; I hold back the tide of darkness

A   I am atomic; I am bound toward the demonic soul

R I am radical; I am that which has only one purpose

D I am death; I am that which is already dead

E I am entwined; I am that which is bonded in blood

N I am novae; I am one star, of one army, one brotherhood


About knightowl123

I’m a pet owner, love to cook, and I’m an OSU Buckeye Fan. Go Bucks! A couple of years ago I got into playing video games such as Dragon Age, and NWN so I'm big fan. I also like to bowl and love movies. I'm also retired. Yipee!
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