Bell’s Return From The Fade

“Zevran, your dagger please” spoke Wynne.  With a puzzled expression, Zevran looked at Wynne.

“I wish to cut a length of my robe to cover her.”

Nodding, Zevran reached down and extracted the dagger in his boot and handed it to Wynne.

Wynne took the dagger and stabbed a hole midway down in the front of her robe, slicing down to rent the bottom seam.  Standing, so she could get a good angle to further cut and tear her robe…when out of the blue, the smoldering clouds above them parted.  Wynne glanced up and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Look” cried Wynne.

Coming out of the parted smoldering clouds a pillar of the softest white light with shimmer of the faintest blue was making its way out of the sky.  Spiraling down where it came to settle and shimmer on Bellavalia, causing her body to glow with a soft blue light.

“By the Maker and His Prophet Andraste” whispered Sir Greagoir where he knelt.  Others behind them were coming to their feet as they all watched astoundingly at the sight before them.

As they watched, Bellavalia coughed, blood sputtering from her mouth.

“Irving, quickly, we must turn her on her side before she chokes on her own blood.”   Reaching out Zevran and Irving turned Bellavalia unto her side with Zevran stroking her beautiful black glossy hair once more.

Dropping Zevran’s dagger, Wynne reached up grabbing her staff from her back, Wynne raised her arms and cast a heal spell over Bellavalia followed by a regeneration spell, then a rival spell.

“Irving, are the spells working?”

“Yes Wynne, she is breathing, but her breathing is labored.”  Wynne then cast a heal spell followed by a cleansing aura spell.

“Irving, unbuckle her bags, check for health potions, and injury kits, salves, elfroot… anything you can find. Everyone, we need bandages, we’ve got to stop this bleeding,” spoke Wynne.

“Our beautiful lady came prepared,” spoke Zevran as he began pulling supplies out of Bella’s backpacks.

Grabbing a health kit of bandages, Wynne began to unroll them, folding them into a square; they weren’t in a perfect square but the best she could do under the circumstances.  Wynne also grabbed a flask of lyrium drinking it down.  She handed one to Irving.

“We’re going to have to get her amour off of her or I should say what is left of it, but before we do that, we need to get a couple of health potions in her.”

“Zevran, take your hands and place them just under her armpits and raise her up and support her with your body.”  Wynne knelt down and placed a thick wad of the bandages that she had been folding and gently pressed them into the wounds over Bellavalia’s chest and stomach.

“Zevran gently raise her up while I apply pressure to her wounds.”

Zevran did as Wynne asked.

Irving grabbed a couple of health potions and popped the corks on each bottle.  Coming around on the other side of Bellavalia, Irving knelt down.  Tilting her head back against Zevran’s chest, he slowly poured some of the health potion down her throat.

“Irving, pinch her nose, this will make her swallow for air and you’ll get more health potion in her.”

“Yes, that might work,” replied Irving.

‘’Zevran, could you please take your arm and hold her across her collarbone, try getting her armor off of her; I’m sure she has a massive exit wound in the back, where that blasted dragon grabbed her.”

Stepping closer to the small group assembled, Arl Eamon and his knights approached. “What can we do to help?”

Wynne looked up at him, “any suggestion on how to splint and support her legs? She has massive compound fractures.”

“I’ve seen this on battlefields before,” spoke Arl Eamon.

“We could use long swords and bandages to do this.”

“I believe that will work,” replied Wynne.

“I’d also suggest if we can get her bandaged enough to try moving her to one of the rooms in the lower level that we passed getting to the roof, there are beds in some of the soldier’s quarters that will be better than here.”

“This will do until I have word on what the conditions are at my estate in the city,” spoke Arl Eamon.

“We need something solid to move her on.  I don’t think simply carrying her down is going to do the trick.”

Kardol of the Legionnaires stepped forward, “one of the doors downstairs could serve as a pallet to move her on, some of my men and I will get started on getting one of the doors off of its hinges.  We have the tools for it.”

“Wait a moment before you go,” called Wynne.  “I’m going to cast a spell to help restore some health to you so your task won’t be as difficult.”

“Thank you my lady,” spoke Kardol.

Wynne cast another cleansing aura spell for the many gathered around them, after a few seconds many of the soldiers around them were slowly being restored to health.

Turning Kardol motioned for a couple of his men to follow him and he began explaining to them what they needed to do to help the lady that had saved them all.

Sir Greagoir and his knights stepped forward, “I’ll send two of my men down to seek out a room to move her too.”

“Sir Greagoir, it might be advisable if two of my knights go with yours, we don’t know how many darkspawn are still in the fort, and our knights should do a sweep of the fort before we move her.”

“Yes, My Lord, as you wish,” replied Sir Greagoir.  Turning, Greagoir motioned to Sir Cullen and Sir Thomas, “you’re to assist the Redcliffe Knights per Arl Eamon’s instructions.”

“Yes Commander, right away.”

“Sir Perth and Sir Richard go with two of the Templars, and do a sweep of Fort Drakon to route any remaining darkspawn that might still be in the fort, during your sweep determine the best room to move Her Ladyship Warden Cousland to once the fort is secured.”

“Return to me or Sir Greagoir for more instructions as soon as you can.”

“Yes Commander, right away.”

Kardol and his Legionnaires along with the four knights hurried to the main entrance to the roof of Fort Drakon to do as they had been ordered.

Wynne, Zevran, and Irving worked on Bellavalia.  Arl Eamon went to find four long swords to help splint Bellavalia’s legs. Finding four, he brought them over and placed them beside Wynne.

“Me and my other Templar will begin checking to see if there are any more survivors here on the roof and determine if they need assistance,” spoke Greagoir. Greagoir and the other Templar moved off to begin helping the remaining survivors.

Zevran and Irving together had managed to get Bell’s armor off her.

Wynne along with Arl Eamon’s help rolled and cut more bandages and began securing them to cover Bellavalia’s wounds on her mid-back, chest, and stomach.  Next they used the long swords and more bandages to splint her legs.  They worked as a team to help her, pouring even more health potions down her throat.  Bell still hadn’t moved, opened her eyes or made a sound.  Alistair had come and sat by her side and wouldn’t release her hand – constantly rubbing his thumb over her hand, keeping his gaze transfixed on Bell’s face. Everyone around them knew His Highness was out of it and held their peace.

All they could do now was busy themselves with helping the injured until the others returned; while Zevran held Bell against his chest he sat in blood and prayed to the Maker for her life.



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