Alive and Well

Alistair wiped the sweat from his brow.  It had been nearly a week since the death of the Arch Demon.   He had to make it back to Arl Eamon’s in time for his fittings on his new clothes that were being made for him for his coronation and for the Swearing of Fealty ceremony soon to follow.   He’d already been fitted with a new suite of armor for his ceremony.   Plus, all of the other new clothes that were being made for him that he had been told he would need for court life.  Strange, all of it seemed to him.  Throughout his life he’d been lucky to have a change of clothes.  

Once he’d been fully grown, the Chantry only provided one pair of sturdy boots once every two years.  The novices would receive a new under tunic along with two new linen shirts and linen trousers and a change of small clothes which included two new pairs of socks.   If the soles of your boots wore out before a new pair was given, it was up to a novice to see to the repairs themselves.   If you grew out of your boots you had to check around with another novice who might need a size change themselves.

 Wade was making his new set of armor in his temporary forge that had been set up outside of his shop that the horde had destroyed.  He still had no word on his sister and her children.   Many who had survived needed armor repaired so Wade and Herren were doing a booming business.   The dwarves had also set up an armor shop just outside the city gates and they too were in business, as well as The Pearl.  Zevran had told him The Pearl was so packed at night they had to set up tables outside to handle the business.   Alistair was afraid to ask what other business they might have set up for.  The Dalish Elves were fishing and hunting and selling their extra to the Shems.  Captain Kylon and the City Elf leader had set a time for them to sell so guards would be nearby if something happened.  Game was slowly returning to the nearby forest, the Dalish were proving to be the best hunters.   Keeper Lanya had sent word that the Dalish were to follow the commands of the City Elf leader and the King until she arrived.  Lanya planned on coming to his coronation, he was glad; he really liked the new leader of the Dalish clan that they had meet in the forest.   King Behlen also planned on being there. 

Currently, he was in the Alienage putting the dead darkspawn to flame.  With him were his guards and Redcliffe Soldiers, one other Templar and a few City Elves who had excellent archery capabilities.  It had been a task to even clear Fort Drakon of the dead.  They were making better headway with the rest of the city than he had anticipated. 

The ceremonies for the dead had been carried out.  The mass graves dug for the humans also outside the city gates for their bones once their flesh had burned.   King Behlen had sent wagons for the dead dwarves to be taken back to Orzammar; he had also sent supplies for their army on the surface.   The City Elves and the Dalish had opted for a new burial plot outside the city gates as well and they’d planned on planting a new tree there as a memorial which their dead already lay under the ground for their cemetery.  Each race had chosen their own plot of ground outside the gates for their dead.  He had chosen the plot of ground for the humans that had lost their lives defending Ferelden and especially Denerim.   The Dalish had also plotted out their own ground and so had the City Elves which would be next to the Dalish, each of the dead which had been laid to rest would form a circle around the tree. Lanya would conduct a ceremony for their dead when she arrived and was bringing a seedling for the new tree that would be planted at the center for the Elven burial plot.   He thought a nice memorial plaque of bronze on a stone pillar would be a nice, right at the city gates and not so far away from the graves of the dead.  He wanted all of the names of their little war party on it along with the names of the various armies that had marched with them, and where they had all come from.   He also wanted another one on top of Fort Drakon for Bellavalia alone as the Grey Warden who killed the Arch Demon, and heated discussion was currently underway to allow the bones of the dragon to remain where they were.  He wasn’t sure how he felt about it and what implications might occur with leaving the dragon’s bones where they lay.  He was sure the Orleasian Wardens would want to see the bones before anything was decided and he was sure they might want them for study back at Weisshaupt.  

 He had also received a message that the Orlesian Wardens had arrived at Redcliffe and were making their way to Denerim and they should be here within a few days.  Twelve of them were coming.   Fifteen had been coming originally and from what he understood three had been killed near a small town close to the border, one of those men had been the Warden Commander of Orlai, so a new Commander would be chosen for Orlai, he had received word from Empress Celene that darkspawn had made it into Orlai.  The Wardens from Orlai had held their own.   The Empress was still miffed that Ferelden under Loghain had refused her offer of her Orleasian Wardens and their Armies of Chevaliers.   Eamon was drafting a letter to the Empress right this minute for his approval.  He couldn’t sign the letter until after his coronation since it would be an official communication from one monarch to another.  Alistair could sign proclamations for here in Ferelden.  Eamon had felt it would be better sending the letter to Celene once he was officially crowned by the people of Ferelden. 

He’d also like to honor Bell with a party for saving all of Ferelden.  He thought the title of Hero of Ferelden had a nice ring to it.  Once she was on her feet again.  Maybe a year from now would be best.  He planned on making the anniversary date of ending the blight a national holiday of remembrance to honor the Grey Wardens and all who lost their lives in defending Ferelden against the blight.   No work would be allowed on that day for all within his kingdom.  It would be a day of rest and celebration in the evening.

Leliana was seeing to a gown for herself and Bell for the Ball that would take place after his coronation.   Oghren and Sten were not pleased with Leliana taking their measurements and getting outfitted.   They had sworn they would wear their armor and Leliana had declared they would do no such thing.   Leliana had taken Bell’s measurements and picked out the fabrics for all of them from the Orleasian lady who sold perfumes and such in the market district; she had also meant to have a gown made for Wynne.  Wynne had declined saying since she was a Mage, she wouldn’t be allowed to wear a gown, only her formal Mage Robes for the occasion.   Leliana had been tickled pink to learn the lady was also a seamstress who had sold her the fabrics.  The last Alistair had heard Leliana was trying to find a proper cobbler.  Many merchants had returned and people from all over the city had pitched in and debris was being sorted through and whatever they could save had been made into piles of various building materials.  Stalls of the merchants were slowly but surely reopening.  It was good that trade was starting to flow once more. 

Leliana had also checked Marjolaine’s old house since it still stood.  Alistair was going to see if anyone didn’t claimed the house that Leliana had a small home here in Denerim if she wanted it.  He’d purchase the house himself if she would like to have it for her service to the Ferelden.  He was also planning on giving the others a small sum in gold for their service as well.   

The owner of the Gnawed Noble Tavern had survived and was planning on rebuilding.  The owner had opened a stall to sell brew at night once the day of work was done.   Oghren could be seen hanging out there with Teagan sharing war stories and drinking when he wasn’t assigned to guard Bell at night.  The docks were in excellent shape.  A bit of rebuilding here and there would go forward within the coming days.    A few ship slips had been damaged.   Ships were once again sighted off shore.  Alistair was sure the captains were still uncertain if docking was permitted.  He had decided not just yet.  They still had too much to do within the city.  City guards were posted at the docks and they had been instructed in not allowing any ships to dock at this time.  Once the darkspawn were all burned within the city, then he intended for the docks to open then and when the two ship slips had been repaired.   The repairs were to start tomorrow.  They’d had a meeting with the Harbor Master yesterday. 

Alistair walked over to another pile of dead darkspawn.   He bent down and searched their belongings.  He had been gathering their weapons into piles and was returning them to the various armor makers here in the city to be melted down for new forge material.   He was finding all sorts of things off of the dead darkspawn.   He was making money for the treasury of Ferelden.   They were going to need every copper too from Eamon’s report.   They might have to import grain for the south if the north didn’t grow enough this year.  Eamon had stated that maybe purchasing grain from the Free Marches or Nevarra might be needed; hopefully a trade deal could be worked out.  He thought sending Teagan might be a good idea.

Alistair stood and motioned for the City Elf archers that were with him.  He had opted for the City Elves since this was their homes.  He also had his royal guard with him and a few Redcliffe garrison soldiers and another Templar from the chantry.  They were making good progress through the Alienage, slow but sure.   

The City Elf archers raised their bows and sent fire arrows into the bodies of the dead darkspawn.   It took several more arrows but they soon caught fire to burn.  Alistair moved on to the next pile. 

He could hear someone running.  He stood up and looked behind him.  The person running to him was one of Eamon’s elf servants.   The first thought that ran through his mind was something had happened to Bellavalia.  Maybe she was finally awakened and they had sent for him.  He prayed this was the case.  

The elf came to him and he bowed. 

“Your Highness, Arl Eamon bids you to return to the estate.”  “There is a gentleman there that needs to speak with you.”  “This man just came up from the south with urgent news for you.”  

“Tell Arl Eamon, that I will be there soon, once I drop off these weapons to Master Wade.”

“Aye, Your Highness, I’ll tell him.”

“Here, take this.”

Alistair reached into his pack and gave the elf a copper piece for his troubles.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

The elf bowed and he took off at a run.

Hmmm, I wonder who this could be, hopefully, it wasn’t bad news.   Alistair gathered up his large pile of weapons in his arms and his guard helped him.  He made his way to the only remaining bridge into the Market District.  It was a long walk to the other side of the Alienage.  It was going to take a bit of time to make it to Master Wade’s temporary shop.  He walked on, with sweating dripping off of his face. 

They had to get the other bridge repaired.  He’d found some Dwarven engineers within the ranks of the Dwarven army and they were drawing up plans for his approval in getting the bridge repaired.   News had spread to the Castless in Orzammar that work might be had on the surface with the rebuilding.   Which was fine with him, he’d like to see more castless come and get out of the bandit business and he was certain Behlen still had his hands in Carta business.  He wanted Zevran to keep his ear to the ground.  He didn’t want his people cheated or stolen from here on the surface.  He’d already issued a proclamation that anyone found stealing would be put to death if caught.   The sentence to be carried out immediately once a magistrate found the detained person guilty.  The Blackstone Irregulars from Dragon’s Peak were also helping in keeping the roads clear of bandits and thieves that were trying to take advantage of poorer people.

There were a few people in the cells of Fort Drakon who had done this and also a few that might have the darkspawn taint.  He had to check on them later this evening and make his decision if they would need to be put to death.   Himself being the executioner.

News had reached him that the Arl of Denerim had skipped out and was nowhere to be found.  If Vaughn didn’t return within the year the Arl would find himself stripped of his title and estate.  Vaughn had also failed to defend Denerim with his remaining Knights and Garrison.  This had not gone well with Alistair.  The man was a pig and one that Denerim could do without.   Alistair was already leaning for his removal as Arl of Denerim anyway. 

The City Elves had declined his offer of the use of the estate.   He could understand their reasoning even though he felt like it was foolishness on their part.  They seemed to be enjoying their new hardships and complaining even more.  However, they had picked the gardens there clean.  The Dalish were one up on their city cousins and had more pride and wished to do for themselves.  He was hoping the Hahren Valendrian would allow a Dalish Elf to become an emissary between the groups.    It was a suggestion he was going to make to Lanya when she arrived.  It wasn’t going to be easy to wipe out centuries of mistrust on all sides.  He doubted during his reign if he could even put a dent in it.  He hadn’t told Eamon yet, but he planned on giving Lanya and Valendrian the opportunity to have a say in the Landsmeet every year and to represent the Elves at court if the need arose.   The elves in his kingdom were also citizens of Ferelden.  It was past time that they also had a voice.  He knew the nobles weren’t going to like it.  He never wanted to see another possibility of anyone selling the elves into slavery again, not while he was on the throne.

The Grand Cleric had also requested time with him after his coronation to discuss with him their finding of the Urn of Scared Ashes.  The Divine had sent a request to learn Alistair’s own account of the tale and she had also requested Bell’s account when she was physically able to do so.  The Divine had also sent a request for Bell to contact her personally.  She had also sent a special representative to talk with Bell once she was able to have visitors.   He and Eamon had been floored when they learned of this request.  The Divine herself wanted a meeting with Bell when she was able to travel to Orlai to meet with her.   Alistair really didn’t know what to make of it all.   

Alistair finally reached the gate to pass over into the Market District.  From a distance he could see Master Wade hard at work at his forge.   Alistair was greeted by his subjects as he passed and he greeted them in turn. 

“Good morrow to you Master Wade, how is business?”  The fickle forge master put down his tools and came to stand near Alistair once he bowed to his new monarch.”

“If business keeps up Herren and I will have the funds to rebuild.”  “I’m not sure yet on our new location.”  “I’d like a change of pace for awhile.” 

“I might have something in mind for you.”

“Oh, Your Highness, such as?”

“I’ll discuss this with you later once I’ve made my decisions.”  “I think you’ll find it most profitable once all the plans are finalized.”

“I’m intrigued Your Highness.” 

“I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the opportunity.”

“Anything will be better than standing here in the middle of the street trying to do my work, oh the horror of it, what those vile darkspawn did to my shop.” 

Alistair thought for a moment Wade was going to cry he looked so put out.

“Have you been able to repair the commander’s armor?”  “It was her favorite set after all, and I’m sure it also saved her life Wade.”

“I’m afraid her Superior Drake Scale armor is beyond repair, I tried my best, it was too far gone and I didn’t have enough material to mend the tear in it.”  “I’m on the search for something special to replace her armor with.”  “I’ll come up with something have no fear.”

“I do know she still has the regular Drake Scale that she can still use.”  “I want her leathers oiled and shined up, don’t forget.”

“I promise Your Highness, I’ll get it done for you.”

“It would be appreciated Wade.”  “I also have more darkspawn weapons if you’re interested, for more forge material.”

“Certainly, just speak with Herren, he handles the cash transactions.”

“Good day to you Master Wade.”

“Good day to you, Your Highness.”

Alistair made his way over to Herren who was finishing a transaction.

“Look who is here.”  Herren stepped out from behind his make shift counter and bowed to Alistair.

“Greetings, Your Highness.”  “What can I or Wade do for you today?”

“I’ve more darkspawn weapons for sell, Herren, if that is all right?”

“Certainly, Your Highness, let me take a look at them.”

Alistair dumped the weapons on the make shift counter and Herren looked them over. 

It was a large stack of weapons, so it took a bit of time for Herren to go through them.

“Two gold sovereigns for the lot, is this acceptable to you?”

“Yes, Herren, that will do and I thank you.”

Herren paid Alistair for the weapons.  Alistair stuffed the coins inside his pack. 

“Good day Herren.”

“Good day, Your Highness.”

Alistair knew he had to get going; he had taken more time than he would have liked.  He walked through the Market District over to the entrance to Eamon’s estate, people bowing to him as he went.  

He entered Eamon’s estate and he was met by Master Dolan.

“His Lordship is in his study with our visitor.” 

“Thank you Dolan.”  “I’ll make my way there now.”

“Do you need anything Your Highness?”

“No, Master Dolan, I’m fine for now.” 

“Very good Sire,” Master Dolan bowed to him as he walked by.

Alistair walked through the lower level of the estate until he came to Eamon’s study.  He knocked, and then walked inside.  Alistair found Eamon standing with a man who had dark brown hair and eyes.  His build stocky and he was also tall.  He had a fresh scar through his eyebrow.  Alistair felt like he should know the man from somewhere.  The man was armed with sword and shield but his back was facing the wall so Alistair couldn’t see the heraldry on his shield.  His armor was a green dye veridium similar in pattern to what Eamon’s Garrison wore.

“There you are Your Highness.”

When Eamon spoke the man bowed to Alistair on his knee.

There was an awkward pause since Alistair forgot to tell the man to rise.  Eamon motioned for him to do so.

“Please rise Ser.”

The browned haired man stood and he waited for Arl Eamon to make the introductions.

“Alistair, we have good news.”

“That’s what I like to hear Eamon, good news.”

The man standing before him smiled a cocky grin.

I know this man from somewhere thought Alistair, but where?

“Alistair, my I introduce to you Fergus Cousland of Highever, Bellavalia’s brother.”

Of course, he should have known who the man was before Eamon introduced him; the resemblance between Bell and her brother were very close.  Fergus Cousland’s eyes were brown where Bell’s were a blue/green.  Fergus also had a squarer chin than Bell did.

 “I’m Alistair Theirin,” as Alistair offered Fergus a warrior’s handshake, which Fergus accepted.

“We thought you lost Your Grace.”

“Am I still to be Your Grace?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”  “Highever will be restored to you, I was going to make sure Highever was restored to Bell; but since you’re alive, you are now the Teyrn of Highever.”  “You will assume your father’s title.”  “I’ll make the announcement after my coronation if it pleases you?”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

“I’m sorry for the loss of your parents, your wife and child.”

“I wish I had been there to help Bell kill Howe.”  “I wish to thank you Your Highness for being at her side when she fought Howe.”   

“I’d like you to know Your Grace that the King had been informed on what happened at Highever and Cailan had planned on turning the army north to hunt Howe down.”   “I hope you find comfort in the knowledge.”

“Yes, this information helps.”  “I know it won’t bring my family back; but, it satisfies in knowing that King Cailan stood with us.”

“I’ll also support you when you retake Highever and send you any troops you may need from Eamon and the other Banns that stood with us.”  “I was glad to help Bellavalia put an end to such a vile man.”

“Your father had no idea Howe would attack him?”

“Not that I’m aware of, I’d like to speak with my sister and find out what happened that night at the castle.”  “I did think it odd that father wanted me to ride out ahead of him, he didn’t give me a reason why except to say Cailan needed reinforcements as soon as possible.”

“It could have been that your father didn’t want your mother and sister alone with Howe in the castle and his instincts would have been correct if this is what he was thinking.”  “Howe didn’t have the best reputation where the ladies of the realm were concerned”, spoke Arl Eamon.

I know Eamon, my father had heard for several years that Howe was an unsavory sort, there wasn’t much he could do about it since Amaranthine was his own vassal, and the Arling belonged to the Howe’s’ from generations back.  My father never had enough evidence against Howe to remove him as Arl and bring it before the Landsmeet and King Cailan.

“Bell told me that you had already rode away to join Cailan with your father’s men at Ostagar.”  “She said that Howe made the excuse to your father his troops were delayed in gathering more supplies, and she was standing there when Howe explained this to your father.”  “Your father responded there was no need for excuse since everyone in the kingdom had such short notice to prepare for battle and the march to Ostagar.”

“After she had gone to her room for the night and went to sleep is when the attack started.”  “Thor is the one who woke her up with his barking.”  “That dog saved her life.”

“Father told her to get to bed early and he had sent her to her room, since she was going to be in charge of the castle while father and I were fighting with Cailan at Ostagar.”  “My father wanted to see how Bell would fair in running the castle on her own.”  “My mother was going to leave and visit with Lady Landra while we were gone.”  “It’s my understanding that Lady Landra was also killed along with her only son Darrien.”  “I tried to get word to Highever, but was unable to learn anything, until recently when I was told on the road it was Bell leading the army for Denerim.”

“The Warden Commander of Ferelden, Duncan was there and he got Bell out with the permission of your father to recruit her into the Grey Wardens.”  “Your parents made her accept the offer of recruitment into the Grey Wardens and leave with Duncan.”  “They escaped through the servant entrance to the larder.”  “It’s also my understanding, that you’re mother wouldn’t leave your father, she stayed to defend him.”  “Bell said your father had suffered a fatal wound.”  “Howe had run him through and his men tried to kill Duncan.”  “Duncan got your father to the larder but your father was too far gone to go any further.”

“Yes, I remember the Grey Warden being there for recruitment.”  “He was also considering our guard captain Ser Rory.”  “My father told me before I rode off, that he had declined including Bell for recruitment into the Grey Wardens unless Duncan wished to invoke the Rite of Conscription.”  “Duncan didn’t invoke the rite for Bell at that time.”

“Eamon and I were planning on sending men to secure Highever once we had Denerim under control and saw to the needs of the people here.”  “Since we know that you are indeed alive, Your Grace, I’m sure you’ll want to do this yourself.”

“I would like nothing more than to route the rest of Howe’s men if they are still at Highever.” 

“Are you up to the task Your Grace and healed enough from your injuries?” 

“I am, Your Highness.”

“That is what I wanted to hear,” grinned Alistair.

Well, His Highness was certainly a friendly sort and the resemblance to his brother King Cailan was remarkable thought Fergus.  They could have been twins.

“Eamon and I will see that you have men when you’re ready to leave.”  “The Bann of Waking Sea has also offered her assistance to Bell with providing archers.”  “I’m hoping you won’t want to leave until after my coronation and the announcement that you will assume your father’s title.”

“You’re welcome to stay here Your Grace, Isolde and I would be happy for you to stay with us.”  “I’m also sure you’d like to check your families’ estate here in the city.” 

“Thank you Arl Eamon, your offer is most kind and I’ll gladly accept your hospitality for myself and my men.”  “I would like to check our estate here and I’ve sent a few men in everyday clothes to see if any of Howe’s men are there.” 

“I believe friends of ours will be able to help with this task.”   I’ll have you meet all of our companions later.”  “Zevran and Leliana will be perfect for this job; they are experts in their crafts.”

“What might those crafts be if I might ask?

“You might be surprised to learn one is an Orlesian Bard who has also been trained to be an assassin, this is Leliana, and the other is a Dalish Elf Crow Assassin whose name is Zevran, replied Alistair.”   “Bell spared Zevran’s life and accepted his assistance to help us fight the blight, which I wasn’t happy about her allowing Zevran to join us.”  “Your sister has also freed Zevran from the Crows.”   “We’ve traveled the past year with an odd ball group of people.”  “Our other traveling companions included:  two Mages, one Orzammar Warrior whose name is Oghren, and a Qunari Warrior from Par Vollen whose name is Sten, that your sister also saved and recruited.”  “We also have our own Stone Golem that traveled with us, her name is Shale.”  “With me, and Thor added to the mixed.”  “We’ve had some adventure, laughed Alistair.”

Relief crossed Fergus’ face.  “Thor is alive as well?”

“Yes he is, and he is right now guarding your sister with Wynne and a couple of Templars stationed at her door at Fort Drakon.”  “They are my own personal guard.”

“I knew if Thor was with her she had a chance, when word finally reached me on what happened at Highever.”

“If I might ask Your Grace, what happened to you and your men?”

“Please call me Fergus, Your Highness.”

Alistair nodded.

“Most of the Highever Knights and Garrison went into battle with Cailan when the Darkspawn committed and attacked.”  “I was sent – as you know – to scout the wilds and had no idea that Bell had even arrived at Ostagar.”  “Most of the Highever Knights and Highever garrison where killed that night, as I’m sure you already know, all of the men fighting with Cailan died that night.”  “I only had a patrol of men with me.   “Two other knights and eight other men of the regular garrison are the only ones left of the men and women from Highever that rode with me to Ostagar.”  “I have no idea how many may have survived the massacre at Highever, I haven’t heard any news of survivors.”  “I came across our men on the road getting here.”  “They had made it to the Brecillian Forest and had hidden there since they had also heard what had happened at Highever.”  “They didn’t know if they could trust anyone at Gwaren since they didn’t really know what was going on, so they chose to stay in the forest until they got word from other travelers that were also fleeing, these people had been caught between Lothering, and the Horde.”  “Word also reached them that Bell was alive and leading the army and she had become a Grey Warden.  They were doing the same as me trying to reach her; but, all of you had already left for Denerim by the time we all made it Redcliffe, you had a five day head start on us.”   “There were still a lot of darkspawn in the south in and around Ostagar that we had to fight through to reach Redcliffe.”

“Bell and I found more darkspawn at Ostagar; we got a tip and returned to Ostagar to retrieve important papers left there by Cailan.”  “We killed about a hundred darkspawn when we returned there.”

“You both went back to Ostagar?”

“We did.”

Fergus continued on with his tale.

“We were ambushed by darkspawn in the Kocari Wilds; all of my men with me on patrol were killed.   Men from a Chasind Tribe in the wilds found me and they took me back to their camp and they nursed me back to health.”  “I’d been injured severely and couldn’t walk; a darkspawn broke my leg with a maul.”  “I crawled and hide under some brush and this is where the Chasind found me.”   “I nearly died from infection from my other wounds.”

“You’re extremely lucky to be alive and that you never contracted the Darkspawn taint.” 

“This is what the Chasind told me, that I had been lucky.”  “They said a few of my men had gotten the disease and they had died a painful death.”

“How is everyone at Redcliffe?”

“I think your steward is sending a messenger to you Eamon and he should be here any day.”  “I think he was planning on leaving when word reached them that the battle has been won, which I’m sure they have heard by now.”  “I didn’t wish to delay any longer in finding Bell and continued on our journey to Denerim.”  “From what I saw Redcliffe seems to be doing fairly well and there weren’t any more attacks on your castle or the village, at least none had occurred when my men and I left there.” 

“Well this is also good news, replied Eamon.”  Relief was plain on the Arl’s face for his people.

“May I take my leave Your Highness to see my sister?”

“Actually, if Eamon doesn’t have need of me, I’ll walk with you to the fort and take you to Bell, the guards won’t allow you entrance to her room without my approval.”   “We’re still uncertain if any of Howe’s men are in the city and until we learn more I think you should have an escort with you Fergus.” 

“I agree Alistair, spoke Eamon, and once we figure out if any of Howe’s men are at the Cousland Estate here in the city we’ll see them arrested if any are here.”  “If any are in the city, they are keeping a low profile.”  “I’m still waiting on word from Amaranthine and Gwaren on what is happening in those areas.”  “We already know that none of Howe’s men fought with the garrison to defend Denerim.”  “I speculate once your sister killed Howe, they all scattered or when she killed Loghain at the Landsmeet.”  “We’re really not sure what happened.”  “Alistair and I are waiting for more reports from other Arls and Banns; then we’ll have a better idea on what is fully going on within the country.” 

“I do know that word is spreading Your Highness that you and Bell did end the blight, and this is all that I know currently.”

“Well that is something at least.”

“Your men can rest here in the barracks while you visit your sister.” “I’m sure Ser Perth can find room for them and we’ll see that they are feed.”

“Thank you Eamon, I appreciate it.” 

Chapter 17



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