We Have Shopping To Do

“Zevran, will you walk with me to the market?”  “I still need to find a good shoe maker, spoke Leliana.”   “I don’t think Oghren would enjoy the job and Wynne can’t leave Bellavalia.”

Zevran looked up from the book he was reading as he lay in his bunk.

“He might if you make the suggestion for him to find Felsi a nice gift.” 

“Even if he wants to buy Felsi a nice gift he would have me pick it out, I’m certain of that.”

“Hmmm, my friend, Oghren might surprise you in that regard.”

“I doubt it Zevran.”

Zevran laughed. 

“Oh my fiery haired bard, you think to outsmart Oghren, getting him fitted for shoes do you and getting him to come along, this I have to see.”

Well we all need that court attire for Alistair’s coronation and the ball that will follow.  I want all of us to look our best.   I need to get an idea of what size Sten wears.  His size will be a challenge, I’ve no doubt.   Arl Guerrin gave us all plenty of gold for our expenses in helping defend Ferelden against the Blight.

“You might corner Sten this evening since he will be planted right here guarding Bell as usual.”  “Since you and I were on guard duty last night.”

“Speaking of Thor, I’m sure he needs to go out and do his doggie business.”

Zevran chuckled.  “Ah, the fate of my life, being the keeper of the Grey Warden’s doggie. 

Leliana smiled at him and placed her hands on her hips.  “Well he is a fine dog and he saved all of our lives a time or two.”  “I’m sure he could use a good bone to chew on too.”  “We’ll need to find him one if we can.”

“That dog could eat shoe leather, I’m certain of it.”

“Then we’ll need to make certain he doesn’t steal from the shoe maker if we find one.”

“I wonder sometimes if Thor stealing is a natural occurrence or Bell taught him that.” 

“I think she taught him, she would tell him to see what he could find and he would bring her things.”  “He even brought her coins back.”  “That is one smart pouch.”

“He sure had fun playing pranks on us at camp stealing all of our stuff and we’d spend hours trying to find it.”  “He’d lay down in camp with his innocent looking eyes and watch all of us, and then he’d raise his head with that funny looking doggie grin of his.”

“Like the time he took Alistair’s socks and put them in Wynne’s pack.”

Leliana giggled at the thought, “Yes, Wynne wasn’t very happy to find smelly socks in her pack, she was appalled. “

“Alistair told her socks where sneaky that way,” laughed Zevran at the memory.

“He put Oghren’s smelly small clothes in Morrigan’s once, that was funny, and she had a fit.”  Thor thought everyone at camp was asleep but I was awake by the fire and watched him do it.” 

“Speaking of Morrigan I wonder where she went?”

“Yes well, that has been on my mind as well.” 

“Why did she leave so soon?” 

“I don’t think it was wise for her to stay around with Templars all over the place.”

“Hmmm, they probably would have taken her into custody if she stayed.”

“Could you imagine Morrigan in the Circle Tower?” Leliana rolled her eyes at the thought.

“It would be a fight I’d truly enjoy seeing, she’d never go willing, that is certain.”

“Yes, but she could fly away once she got there, chuckled Leliana.”  “She sure would surprise the Templars with her shape shifting abilities.”

“I’d cringe every time she would shape shift into her spider form and munch and crunch our enemies. “   “I can still hear that sound sometimes.”

“I’d rather watch from the shadows though, I don’t want the chantry on my tail, having the Crows will be more than enough to deal with.”  “Now if she needed help, I might offer my assistance, she saved my life in battle a time or two.” 

“Yes, I would come to her aid if needed, and deal with her sour mouth later.”  “You know she’d die of mortification needing aid.”

Zevran laughed, “she would.”  “You know, Morrigan would make a fine Bard, or Crow actually.”  “I’m sure the Bards in Orlai have mages the same as the Crows?”

“Yes, they do, every bard group needs a good healing mage or knows where to find an apostate.”

“Come on, up and at it my blond haired elf let’s go shopping and see what is going on within the city.”

Leliana was tugging on Zevran’s sleeve.

Zevran was still having a hard time persuading Leliana to tell of her life as a Bard in Orlai.  There was a story there he was certain of it.   He knew that she had told Bellavalia her tale, what part of the story was fully true nobody knew for certain.  Zevran was sure there was more to Leliana than they all knew; who was she really?

“I noticed more and more merchants are opening stalls within the city again.”  “I’ve got coin in my pocket burning a hole and I do need new boots as well.”  “I wish I was in Orlai at the moment.”  “The boots that Ferelden’s wear … they have no style, sighed Leliana.” 

I want a pair of fine doe skin knee high boots with fine embroidery on the shaft of the boot with small fine heels and leather soles, in a beautiful light tan color.  They would be so soft and comfortable around my legs.  When I step you can’t hear my footsteps when I walk.   Beautiful yet deadly, they draw the eye to my legs and not my face.  It’s a bard trick that I learned when training in Orlai with Marjolaine, to divert the eyes of my mark, so they never see it coming.

“Ah, a Crow trick for the ladies as well, and some of the men of course depending on whom the target is.”

“Yes, the boots here in Ferelden are rather plain compared to styles in Orlai and Antiva.”

“Have you been in Orlai Zevran?”

“Yes, my sweet, a time or two and also the Free Marches on my way here to Ferelden.”

“There are a lot of mercenaries in the Free Marches.”  “I noticed on my way passing through.”  “Many Fereldens were already fleeing the blight when I passed through on my way here from Antiva.”

“I was in Ferelden before the blight started, down in Lothering; this is where I meet Bell and Alistair.”

“Yes, I remember you saying that before.”

“I also have a meeting with the Grand Cleric of Ferelden.”  “She needs to hear our account of finding Haven and the Urn of Scared Ashes.”  “We may as well get that out of the way on our outing.” 

“Yes, I still need to get Oghren and Sten both fitted for their formal wear and they both need men’s dress apparel for court and yes they need the shoes to match, so we need Oghren to come along.  Where is Oghren by the way, he was gone before I wake up this morning.

“He never made it back here last night, probably passed out and slept it off near the stall of the Gnawed Noble Tavern.  I saw Teagan stumble his way back home and I followed him from a distance to make certain he got home safe.”

“I think he is out with the other dwarves outside the city in their camp.”  “He is rubbing it in the noble’s faces of Orzammar that he helped the Grey Wardens end the blight.”  “I think he was helping clear darkspawn in that area.”

“I’ll have to try another way in getting his size then, perhaps tracing his feet when he is asleep.”  “I’m not looking forward to doing that.”

“I don’t think it’d be a job I’d enjoy either, he smells so bad.”  “He never did take the hint from Wynne when she gave him that razor and bar of soap.”

“Oh, I think he took the hint, he just ignored her, laughed Leliana.”  “Out of spike, I’m certain of it.

Zevran chuckled, “yes I can see him doing that.”

“Come on my beauty, let us be off and find some mischief to get into”, spoke Zevran as he jumped off of his bunk and began looking for his daggers and his packs. 

“We should check to see if Wynne needs anything.”  “It’s a shame she can’t wear a regular gown, she’d look stunning in a dark midnight blue gown, trimmed in silver, with her white hair.” 

“One thing that I have enjoyed is the view of all of you ladies while we have all traveled together.”    “A man can’t ask for anything better than be surrounded by beautiful ladies.” 

“Even Morrigan, Zevran?”

“She is a beautiful woman, hard and brittle, she will be a challenge that many men will try and crack that outer shell of her’s and she is a mystery in many ways.”  “Men do like that sort of thing, some men anyway.” 

“Not you?”

“I see the reality that she can be dangerous.”   “I could see myself making love to her but nothing beyond that.”  “I would use her well then promptly leave her bed.”  “I wouldn’t linger for long in her bed.”   “She might shape shift into her spider form and eat me, not the good eat either!”  “She seems to be the type of woman who wants her freedom more than a relationship.”

“It can’t have been easy for her being raised by Flemeth in the manner that she was.”   “She had a very different sort of life compared to the rest of us.” 

“Ah my sweet, life as a Bard and Crow isn’t easy either.”

“I know Zevran, but I think the rest of us had love in our lives before we all became who we are now, and I don’t think she did.”

“It is a thought I will ponder one day perhaps, not today.”

“Today, I will help you search the market and see if we can find a beautiful silver gown for you.”

“Oh you see me in silver, I was thinking along the lines of red.”

“No my sweet, red won’t do, many people with red hair clash with certain shades of red.”

“Better yet, I can see you in black velvet.”

“Yes, I can see you in my mind’s eye looking stunning in black trimmed with silver to reflect the beautiful blue of your eyes.”   “With fine tapered heels to match of course.”

Leliana giggled.  “I can see that combination.”

I’m glad my sweet, I have a wonderful vision of you with black silk stockings with fine silver ribbons holding up those black silk stockings and my hands are itching to slowly pull them down your creamy smooth legs. 

“You’re such a tease Zevran.”

“You wound me my sweet, how do you know that I’m actually teasing.”  Zevran placed his hand over his heart and executed a hurt expression, which made Leliana giggle.

“One thing that I have learned about you Zevran, I don’t think you’d give your heart to just anyone.”

“I also believe the same of you my beautiful Orlesian Bard.”

Bard and Crow regarded each other thoughtfully for a moment.

“Are you ready for my escort?” 

Zevran asked Leliana, breaking the moment between them and offering his arm to her.

“Yes, let’s be off.”

Leaving their room they spied Wynne coming out of Bell’s room.  She seemed a might upset. 

“Wynne is something wrong?”  “It’s not Bellavalia is it?”

Wynne looked up and saw the two rogues coming towards her. 

“No, I just spilled a flask of elfroot potion on the floor; I’m just a bit miffed at myself.”

“Do you want help cleaning it up?”

“Oh Leliana, that is sweet of you to offer, but I can still handle a small spill on the floor.”

Wynne was not being truthful and letting Leliana and Zevran know that Bell had finally awakened.  She was going to do as Bell asked her and give her a few more days against her better judgment.  She would include the companions in this was well.   She truly doubted that Sten would be fooled.

“Is Thor in the Bell’s room, we are on our way to the market and thought he might need to go out to do his doggie business.”

“No, Sten already took Thor outside.”

“Next to Bell, Thor never leaves Sten’s side.”  “Sten seems to be able to handle him better than the rest of us next to Bell.” 

“Yes, it’s as you say, those two seem to have a special bound.”  “Thor seems to hate Alistair and has always had his nose out joint where the new monarch is concerned.”

“I think Thor is just jealous of Alistair taking his attention away from his mistress.” 

“Well Thor won’t have that problem anymore with Alistair now out of the picture.”

“Ummm, that is a possibility; he seemed to enjoy growling at Alistair every chance that he got.”  A sly smirk crossed Zevran’s face when making this comment.

“Do you need anything from the market Wynne, while Zevran and I are out?”

“No, Leliana, I can’t think of anything, unless you find a good book for me to read, maybe you could stop by the ‘The Wonders of Thedas’ and check out any good books they might have.”  “I’ve exhausted my supply and read all of the books that we’ve picked up along the way during our journey.”  “I’d like something new to read.”  “The shop didn’t burn as I recall, and I hope they are open for business.”

“I’ll see what I can find, any special subject you want me to search for?”

“Yes actually, maybe something to do with ancient history and the lore of Thedas if you can find something on the subject.”

“Alright, I’ll see what I can find.”

“We’ll see you later Wynne.”

“Have fun children.”

Leliana and Zevran waved to her as they walked to the stairs that would take them down to the next level of Fort Drakon and too the main entrance.

“Well its nice to finally walk through Fort Drakon and not have dead bodies to step over.”

“I thought it added a bit of flare to the atmosphere myself, “joked Zevran.  “Made me feel at home like being back in Antiva on the docks where life is cheap and you step over dead bodies all the time.  Until someone gets annoyed enough with the flies and finally does something with the body.”

“Please tell me you’re joking Zevran, people actually leave the dead bodies.”

“Ah I’m afraid they do, you see, the dead are left as a warning to others to stay out of Crow business for whatever reason.”  “A few days at the most they are left to rot, when the message has been sent for whatever reason.”  “Then they are disposed of in the proper manner.” 

“Zevran, if you hadn’t been sold into slavery into the Crows what do you see yourself doing?”

“Bellavalia asked me the same question once.”  “I don’t know Leliana unless becoming a tradesperson or an apprentice of some sort.”   “Working in leather perhaps, it takes years to learn such a craft.”   “As it is right now, I already have a trade.”  “Being one of the Crows is something that I’m proud of, secret though my profession is.”  “My training as a Crow was harsh and many do not survive.”  “My training was brutal…..cruel even.”

Shadows crossed Zevran’s face, Leliana notice the shadow and if it wasn’t for her Bard training she would never have seen the emotion pass over Zevran’s face.

“What about you Leliana, will you continue on as a Bard, and return to Orlai?”

“I don’t know Zevran what the future holds.”

“There is nothing for me in Orlai to return too.”

“With Marjolaine dead, and Lady Cecily, I really have no reason to return at the moment, except for the shoes and boots of course.”

Zevran laughed.  “If I become rich enough my Leliana, I’ll have to buy you a warehouse full of shoes, just for you.”

“I believe I would enjoy that.”

“No doubt, but; I would need you to model those shoes in black silk stockings if you don’t mind.”

“I’ll take that suggestion under consideration, that is, if you do buy that warehouse and fill it with shoes.”

“I’ll make it my mission in life to succeed…something to look forward too, yes.”  Zevran wiggled his eyebrows at Leliana and she laughed as they walked out of Fort Drakon.

Chapter 19


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