“You’re still going to do this?”

It was Kristoff asking me one final time about my plans as I ran through a mental list of supplies in my bags that I’d need for our journey.  This was a rogue mission.  None of the rest of my companions was going.  It would be Zevran, Leliana, and me.

“Yes Kristoff I am.”

“As you say Commander,” was all the man said.  He stood near the door and watched as I finished getting my armor on and my gear gathered.

Leliana was helping me dress in my armor; she was unusually quiet.  She was buckling my leg guards on my legs as I finished with the shoulder guards and was just finishing when Kristoff asked his question.

I reached down and took up one of the finest daggers I’d ever laid eyes on and I knew when we were in Orzammar I had to have it.  It had been a costly purchase.  It was a good thing I was so good with slight-of-hand.  I’d amassed a small fortune, especially after our trek through the deep roads.  Who knew robbing darkspawn could be so profitable and fun when slashing their throats at the same time?

I’d purchase the dagger on one of our return trips from the deep roads when we had returned for supplies.  Garin had sold it to me for the hefty sum of 148 gold sovereigns.   I’d spied this dagger in his stall in Orzammar.  The blade was one of the most unusual finds of all of my equipment that I had gathered.   I had tried to barter with Garin but he wouldn’t budge and Alistair had won our bet that the merchant wouldn’t be talked out of his price.  I knew when I accepted the bet I’d lose.  Which was fine and it had boosted Alistair’s confidence.    Besides the daggers that father had given me and Duncan’s this was my favorite.  The reason Garin wouldn’t come down on the price was due to the material the dagger was made from, which was Dragon Bone.  The merchant might have been lyrium addled but the man knew his stock.  He had reminded me of the tranquil mages I’d meet along the way.

The blade was light yet flexible, the blade nearly unbreakable.  It was a dagger with rune slots in it too.  It was currently ruined with a grandmaster silverite, grandmaster frost, and a grandmaster dormer ruin for spell protection.   Being a Warden I was big on spell protection, especially fighting darkspawn emissaries in the deep roads.  The blade was also deep grayish lavender.  Besides Starfang this blade was the most unique.

Hopefully one day I’d meet someone who I could befriend to do my ruin work.  Having ruins placed in weapons got expensive.  The higher quality the ruin the more expensive to have the ruin made and worked into the armor and weapons.  I placed my daggers and sword I’d decided to take in the scabbard on my back.  I reached down and also lifted up the dark green cloak to match my armor that Zevran had brought to me and I also had a new matching pair of boots that matched my new armor.  All of this new equipment also ruined up.   Zevran had told me that the boots just hadn’t been ready when the rest of the set was.  I attached the cape on my shoulders with brooches that Kristoff had given to me with the Grey Warden insignia on them.

“Is everything ready on the roof for our escape?”

Kristoff nodded and so did Leliana.

“You know, Commander Radar is expecting this?”

“I’m aware and you know what to do?”

“Aye,” was Kristoff’s hushed response.

I took a deep breath – this was it.  It was now or never.

I hefted my backpacks and attached them to my belts.  They were full of gold, health potions, poisons, herbs, and injury kits.  Leliana and Zevran would split our gear of camping equipment between them because my chest was still to tender to carry the weight.   Leliana and I would share a small tent while we were away from the Dalish that would be taking us.

My excuse for being on the roof would be exercise and also to see the bones of the dragon that I had killed.  Kristoff had informed me that crates were being made and when they were finished the dragon’s remains would be shipped off to Weisshaupt for the Wardens scholars to study.   It gave me an eerie feeling knowing I would see those bones soon.  A flash of fighting Urthemiel in the fade flashed through my mind.

“Where is Zevran, I asked?”

“He is outside in the main hall,” said Leliana.

I nodded as I finished getting my things together.

I’d sent Sten, Wynne, Oghren, and Thor on another market run to make my escape so they wouldn’t be involved.  I’m sure with Oghren along they would all stop off for a pint or two.   Kristoff would explain to all of them once I had gone and what all of them should do while I was away.  I’d also had my chat with Thor this morning that he had to stay put and not follow me.  I’d be alright.  He was to keep an eye on Fergus and Alistair for me and to mind Sten and the others.  My war hound had grumbled and he didn’t like the idea one little bit.  I felt I might be making a mistake in not taking him with me.  Yet I knew if Thor was gone then Fergus and Alistair both would know that I was gone from Denerim too.   My brother and Alistair both might still set Thor on my trail.  It was a risk I would have to take, because Thor wouldn’t mind Alistair that much but he would mind Fergus.   Fergus would not hesitate in sending Thor on my trail and Thor would obey my brother.   Would Thor be able to track my scent if I was in the air?

Getting my gloves on I was finally ready.  I walked to the door and spied Zevran just outside in the hallway.  There were only Wardens on this floor guarding the entrances and exit.  This would not be the case once we made the flight of stairs leading to the upper floor.   My wardens had replaced the guards to the entrances to the main entrance to the roof because of the dragon, this had freed up Commander Radar’s men but they were still on guard duty on the upper levels.

I walked out of my room and over to Zevran.  “Are you ready, he asked?”

I nodded yes to him.

“Is everything ready with the Dalish?”

“Aye Mi Bella, they will meet us just outside of the northern gate in the woods, very close to where Alistair made his speech to the troops when we stormed the city gates.”

“Alright, let’s do this.”  I nodded to everyone to follow me.

All of us made our way to the left entrance which led out to the hallway which would take us to the upper floor.   Flashes of the battle inside the fort ripped through my mind as we made the few turns to reach the final flight of stairs to the roof.  I’d also spied the table I’d taken a hugh chunk out of when killing one of the Orges in the great hall before the entrance to the roof, and the massive bloodstains still left in the stonework of the fort’s floors.   There was also black scorch marks now where Alistair and the others had burned the darkspawn inside the fort while I had taken my two-week nap.   In hindsight I was glad I’d been asleep while all of that was going on, I could just imagine the smell.

We came to the entrances to the roof and the Wardens on duty saluted me as I passed, and I in turn acknowledged their salute to me.  I started making my way up the long flight of stairs to the roof.  I could feel the cool chill of the night air before I even made it to the door of the roof.   I was slightly shaky knowing what I would see for the first time since the battle and once again the image of all of us running out onto the roof to see the Arch Demon killing the soldiers of the fort warred inside my mind.   The demonic dragon had realized that a Warden was on the roof and it had focused right in on me.   It had dared me to attack it.   I remember the dragon calling it’s challenge to me.  It had roared right at me.   I remembered how scared I had been because Alistair had not been with me.

I pushed open the large iron bark door and stepped out onto the roof of the fort.  I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.  This was the first time I’d been outside since the battle.  I inhaled deeply.  I could still smell the soot of fire and also the stink of darkspawn in the air as only a Warden could and I felt the taint burn in my chest from it.  The others were right behind me.  I opened my eyes to notice it was dark-of-the-moon, which meant no moonlight; I wasn’t sure if this would be good or bad for our adventure of getting off the roof.  I directed my eyes in the direction that I knew the dragon’s bones would be….which was on the other side of the roof on the south side.  I set off to walk across the massive roof to the other side.  I took note of all the bloodstains and scorch marks which now marred the grey stone of the fort’s roof, which was now forever scarred black from the puddles of blood and fire.   It was a long walk; but, when I had been fighting up here the walk hadn’t seemed so long.  It must have been all the adrenaline pumping through my veins and the taint as well.   Finally I spied  the turret which would led to the massive bones as I turned and walked up the slope on the roof that I knew it would be lying on at the top of the slope.  I remembered running from  turret to turret, and slope to slope as the dragon had been trying to fly…trying to get away and get an advantage to attack us from the air.  Riordan had slashed and damaged it’s wing so it wouldn’t fully lift off of the ground.  But it sure didn’t have any problems hopping up in the air for short distances and landing all over this roof.  My party and I had run all over this roof during the battle trying to keep up with it and then it had ordered darkspawn to its defense.   I had been swarmed by them and it was all:  Wynne, Zevran, and Morrigan could do to keep them off of me.  If it hadn’t been for Wynne and Morrigan’s massive crowd control spells none of us would have made it and Wynne constantly healing me and the others.  I would never have accomplished what I did if not for Wynne and even Morrigan, and I was alive because of Morrigan’s ritual even though I hated her for it.  I would harbor that hate inside myself until I found her and had my say now that the Blight was over.

I just now realized that the others weren’t following me.  They were giving me a few moments alone with the remains of my nemesis.  There it was the remains of the dragon.   I walked over to it and felt a massive shudder shake my body.   I shook uncontrollably for a few moments.   I had echoes of each slash this beast had given to me and when it had scooped me up into the air and looked me right in the eye and then shook me like a rag doll.  I had felt it’s talon sink deep into my flesh just under my arm.  When it had started to rear up from being attacked from behind it had dropped me and I had felt my breast and flesh being ripped apart and that pain alone had nearly caused me to black out.  Wynne had cast a revival spell and I had been revived before I ever hit the ground.  Then another shockwave had over taken my body from the pain in my legs as my bones shattered when I landed hard on the ground and I don’t know how Wynne had done it but she had immediately sent a heal spell over me and she had just kept casting and casting, her and Morrigan both.  I had been amazed that Morrigan and Wynne both had not fainted dead away from the lyrium they had been consuming.

The fire where Alistair had burned the dragon had turned the bones to an evanescent of pearly white.  Black soot and ash from it’s flesh still remained under it.  There were shimmers of blue and many other colors which sparkled and shimmered within the bone.  I could feel and sense the magic that still lingered from the beast and the man whom I had fought in the fade.  Urthemiel had been an Arcane Warrior and Shape Shifter, a darkspawn tainted man/dragon.   I could hear a hum and I felt another shudder rack my body as I was reminded that every time Urthemiel had connected with my flesh the hum his sword had made and it had burned my flesh with each slash.  Agony had rippled through my body with each slash of his blade.  I looked down inside the massive hole in the skull where I had embedded the great sword in the dragon’s skull.   How had I ever done it… lifted that great sword?  I think it had been due to the all hurt and anger I had been holding inside for everything that had happened to me and the rage stayed my will for me to finish my task.

I wanted to cry out my rage at the bones of the dragon lying before me.   Becoming a Grey Warden had cost me much even though being a Warden had also gotten me through this battle and I’d lived to tell the tale.  The pain and hurt of all of it and I wanted to vent my anger on this dragon again.   I felt my emotions churn within me and I shook with it.  As I gazed down at the bones my thoughts were on so very many people dead from the Blight and the civil war, the cost in lives and property would take years to figure out.  People whose families and lives had been torn apart and mine had been no exception.  I hoped all of my efforts wouldn’t be in vain and Ferelden and my homeland would recover and learn from this.  My mind turned to all of the people who had tried to stop me from getting to this battle and my date with destiny.   Would I meet them one day in the fade and would all of us battle once again there if I was not found worthy to stand at the Maker’s side and be forever lost within the fade?   I hoped the Maker would not find me wanting and He would forgive me the lives that I had taken.  The things I’d done to save Ferelden.  I’d done as my Father and Mother had asked me; I’d made some hard decisions in leading my companions and the army. It was just as my father had taught me and Fergus that we’d have to make some really hard decisions.  Yet, this is what commanders of men and women do who lead them into battle.  A commander has to make the hard choices and lose good fighting men and women for the greater good, and each must be willing to give up their life if need be.  I had failed at this and the only thing stopping me from fulfilling my duty as a Warden had been my children.   Damn you Howe and damn you Morrigan I thought.  I didn’t know who had caused me the most pain – Howe for killing my parents or Morrigan for sleeping with Alistair?

“It was horrific, this battle?”

It was Kristoff, he had come up behind me and he also gazed down at the bones of the dead dragon before us.  The bones of the dragon where lying just as they had been when I’d killed the beast, it was lying in the same exact position, and I could still hear that hum of that sword.  I couldn’t figure out why as I stood there.

“I was just trying to decide which battle was the worse, this one or the one at Ostagar.”

“Did you come to a conclusion?”

“No brainer actually in the choice, this one with the Arch Demon.”

“I’d imagine it would be.”

I took a deep breath, “alright Kristoff it’s time for me to undertake another journey for the greater good.”

“You’re ready then?”

I just shook my head yes.   That hum ringed through my ears again and a chill went up my spine.

“Leliana and Zevran have the mercy-seat ready; we don’t have much time before Radar will send his men to seek why we have been on the roof for so long.”  “Be careful Commander when you reach the ground, they will be searching for you.”  “I’m sure they know you’ve left your room by now. “

“Ah, we still have a spy around then?”

“Yes I believe so.”

The question tumbled through my mind….whose spy?  It could be one from Eamon, Anora, the Crows, the Wardens, and even Orlais.  I had a lot of enemies to choose from.

“I know Kristoff or I’ll have to explain to the King why I’m sneaking out of this fort and he won’t let me slide on lying to him.”  “He’ll cock his eyebrow in that charming way of his and I’ll melt like sugar.”

“Kristoff chuckled, you mean, he will turn his manly charm on you.”

“I’ve out smarted his manly ways before; he is sneaky in that way.”

“I’d doubt they’d work on you unless you lean in that direction?”

“I can assure you Commander I’m all for the ladies.”

“I smiled up at Kristoff, well that is good to know!”

Kristoff chuckled.

I’d made my mind up in the last few days that I liked Kristoff even if he was a Orlesian.

I nodded for us to make our way over to the north side of the roof.  Kristoff and I had walked a few yards away and were half way down the slope when I felt the hum again.  It rang in my ears and nearly caused me to lose my balance.  Kristoff didn’t seem to be affected or he couldn’t hear it, why could I?

I turned and walked back up the slope standing at the top and looked at the dragon once more.  My eyes traveled over it‘s entire length looking for what was causing the sound.  I almost turned and walked away again when I noticed a faint green light coming from under the breast bone.   There I thought.   I ran back and I could hear Kristoff running up behind me.  I slide down on my stomach next to the massive bones and reached my hand under the dragon’s breast bone.  I couldn’t grasp what was underneath; my arm was not long enough.

“Here let me try.”

Kristoff laid down flat on the stone floor and reached his hand under the breast bone of the dragon.  “Yes, there is something here.”  He pulled his hand out and brought with it in his grasp one of the most wicked swords I’d ever remember seeing.  I’d seen this sword in the fade when Urthemiel had slash my body open with it.  I heard the hum of the sword fully now.  Once again Kristoff didn’t seem to be affected.

Kristoff whistled low under his breath.  “This is the most unique sword besides your ‘Starfang’ that I’ve ever seen.”   Kristoff stood back up and handed me the sword.  The blade gave off a green hue, and I knew right away that the sword had a ruin to enhance poisons.   It was in the scimitar style of blade.  One side had an extremely sharp edge and the other side of the blade was serrated.  The handle made out of some wood I didn’t recognize and the metal I was fairly certain was star metal the same as Starfang.  Of course it would be star metal coming from the fade.

“I wonder how it got here.”  Kristoff asked.

“Maybe a dwarf or an elf got squished underneath when the dragon fell; it’s the only explanation I can think of.”   This of course was a lie.  I knew who the original owner was and I sure couldn’t tell Kristoff.

I took several steps back and went through battle stances with the sword.  It was perfectly balanced. When I turned the weapon in my hand going through the motions for parry and thrust… I was astounded at how effortless it was to wield.  I’d never handled a blade like it.  I’d practiced many times with daggers, short swords, and rapiers, in the scimitar style.  Never one so finely crafted as this one.

“You know Commander all exceptional blades deserve a name, what will you call this sword?”

I thought for several minutes.  “I think I’ll call this blade ‘Blightblooded.”

“Excellent name for the sword, Commander, I don’t think you could have come up with a better one.”

“Hmmm.”   I sort of half answered because I was mapping out the scars that this very sword had left on my body.  I was also wondering why Urthemiel had caused the blade to hum to get my attention and direct me to it.  I was holding in my hand the very sword of one of the Old Gods.  I wonder what everyone would think if they knew that.  I’m sure I’d be killed for this blade if people knew.  Maybe this is why Urthemiel directed me to it.  For my use alone, so nobody else would find the blade.   I really didn’t have time to fully examine the ruins too see exactly what the sword was ruined with, that would have to come later.  I’d need some books also to look some of these ruins up or consult with Oghren, he might know.   Ruin crafting wasn’t my thing.  Maybe I should learn this craft?  I was going to have a lot of spare time soon.  Not like I had a love interest around anymore to keep me occupied.

“Could you use the sword Kristoff?”

“No Commander but I thank you; I’m a two-handed warrior, I fight with great swords.”

“I just thought I’d offer.”

“That was kind of you Commander.”

“Mi Bella, we must hurry, the watch change will be soon.”  It was Zevran.  He had walked back over to me and Kristoff.

“Yes, I guess we need to get moving.”  The new sword was still in my hand and with a flick of my wrist the green hue disappeared, which I suspected, a ruin into for poison.   I placed the sword in the scabbard on my back.

We all started the trek over to the north side of the roof, where Leliana and Zevran had secured the ropes and mercy-seat to the ballistics on the roof.

“Ok, who is going down first?”

“I think I should,” spoke Leliana.  “I can keep a look out on the ground and help you out of the seat.”  “Then Kristoff can lower Zevran down.”  “Don’t forget one tug on the rope will mean someone is below and to stop lowering me and two tugs means I’m far enough down to jump off of the seat to the ground.”

“Got it,” both men said.

Kristoff and Zevran got into place on each side of the ropes and mercy-seat.  They gathered the ropes up into their hands gaining tension enough to pull the mercy-seat up between them where they placed the seat on the edge of the turret wall.  They had used parts of the mechanical construction of the ballistic as a pulley to help.   Kristoff and Zevran both raised the ropes up high enough to clear the wall and started to lower Leliana down the wall.    She took her feet and helped by kicking off of the wall, with small pushes.   Leliana also had held onto both ropes for leverage.  Slowly inch by inch they lowered her down.

It was several minutes until they felt the tug; it was too dark to fully see if Leliana had made it to the bottom.

“There, two tugs,” said Zevran in a hushed whisper.

Kristoff and Zevran both started pulling the mercy-seat back up as fast as they could.  After several more minutes they final had the seat back up top.  It was now my turn.  We heard it then, the bell for watch change.

“We have to hurry,” I whispered.  I wasted no time, just as the seat made it the edge I grabbed it and settled it on the flat of the wall.  Zevran helped me get situated on the seat.

“Are you ready, he whispered?”

I nodded and grabbed both sides of the rope to hang on.  It was going to be slightly more difficult for me because of the injuries to my legs.  Kristoff and Zevran started to lower me down.  Oh Maker, this was shaky, and I was scared shitless.  Don’t look down I thought, focus.  I pushed off the wall as best as I could.  It hurt and I bit my lip to keep from calling out.  I was uncomfortable since my cloak was choking the breath out of me.  I keep up with the small pushes.   They had me nearly half way down when I heard a soft curse from Leliana below me.  I heard her running and then I heard a thump.  I tugged on the rope once to let Kristoff and Zevran know we had company.  I was jerked to halt and nearly flung off the seat.  We’d all agreed that we’d only to try to knock out any of the fort’s guards.  Hopefully, this is what Leliana had done.  I really didn’t want to explain to Alistair and Commander Radar why we had killed any of the guards here at the fort.  I’m sure that would go over like a fart during Chantry service.”

“All clear now, hissed Leliana.”

I heaved a sigh of relief and tugged three times on the rope.  Nothing happened.

“Does that mean we should continue whispered Zevran, we didn’t have a signal for a three tug?”

“Yes, I hissed.”

“Very well Mi Bella, down you goes.”

After several more minutes I felt Leliana’s hands on my back, or I hoped it was Leliana, since all I could see was dark grey wall in sight.  I had reached the bottom and my legs were throbbing.  Never mind the long walk to the gates.  I quickly jumped off of the seat and tugged on the rope twice to let the men know I’d reached the bottom.  The mercy-seat just missed hitting me in the head on the way back up.  I couldn’t believe that some guard didn’t hear the noise it was making on its way back up.  They had to hear that.  I was sure company would be coming along shortly.

“What the hell happened,” I whispered to Leliana.

“A guard came around the corner when you were half way down.”  “I pommel struck him in the side of the head and he will be sleeping sound for a few hours.”  I threw my cloak over him so nobody will notice him or I hope so at least since its dark.”

“When we get to the Dalish camp hopefully they’ll have a cloak we can buy you.”  “It’s too chilly for you to be without one.”

“If they don’t there is still the blanket in my bedroll I can wrap up in, she whispered.”

“You take the left and I’ll take the right to check for more guards, so Zevran has a safe trip down.”

“On it,” Leliana whispered as she took off to check the left corner wall, and I headed right.

I came to the end of the wall where I flattened myself against the wall.  My heart was thudding inside of my chest.  I inhaled deeply to calm myself and exhaled slowly.  I heard footsteps coming my way.   Just my luck I thought, the footsteps sounded heavy.  I slide my daggers out of my scabbard as quietly as I could.  I took my left arm and crossed it too my right shoulder with the pommel of the dagger poised to strike.  My right dagger poised to strike from underneath once I struck with the left.  My dagger on the right would break a vial of sleeping draught on the swing up.   My eyes stared at the cobblestones waiting for the person’s booted foot to enter my vision.  Closer the footsteps came.  I keep my eyes riveted to the cobblestones…..there the tip of a boot.

I stepped out from the wall and at the same time swung my left arm with the dagger pommel and aimed for the nose.  I connected, and with my right I broke the sleeping potion vial on the way up and missed the man’s chin with the right that I was aiming for.  Damn it.  I danced away out of his range.

The man grunted, “halt I say.”  He had shouted.   Blood spurting from his nose going out in a spray where I had bashed his nose.   Damn he was a big guy.  No wonder I missed his chin, he must have jerked back on the upswing.  I reached into my hair grabbing a throwing dagger, where it shot out from my fingers.  It embedded itself in his shoulder, still not enough to take him down.   The guard grunted again.  I grabbed a vial of smoke bomb from my belt and threw it at the man where his vision would be hampered from the smoke.  I heard it crash to the ground next to him and the gas erupted into a cloud of smoke.  I ran forward and with my right dagger which was coated with the sleeping potion I pommel struck him the same time as Leliana did and the man dropped to the ground.   Leliana and I both dashed out of the cloud of smoke gasping since both of us were holding our breath.

Zevran still hadn’t made it down the wall yet.   I’d bet money there was a scuffle on the roof.  Leliana and I both ran across the alley where both of us flattened ourselves against the wall of the other building that shared the alley with the fort.   Both of us put our daggers away and reached for our bows.   We both looked up and sure enough Zevran was suspended halfway down the wall.  Commander Rader was holding Kristoff off with a sword pressed against his throat.

Leliana and I both were trying to get an aim on Radar, so far no opening.   We both saw Zevran slide to one side of the mercy-seat, he stood up and hooked one of his legs around the rope and brought the other one hooking over his other ankle.  He had one of his daggers in his mouth.  With his left hand he still held on to the rope and with the other he started to cut into the rope.  Leliana and I both gasped at what he was doing.

“Maker, he is going to get himself killed,” shouted Leliana.

“I heard that my sweet, where is your faith, my beauty.”

“In the pit of my stomach at the moment watching you dangle in the air!” she shouted back.

“Ah, touching, if I’d have known you’d swear your undying loyalty to me I’d done this sooner, Zevran shouted back.”

“Hey you too, I don’t think this is the time.”

“What, it’s always a good time to talk of love Mi Bella.”

“Do you have to do it now though?”

Zev looked down at us and grinned.

“Adds a bit of excitement to our predicament don’t you think?”

Leliana and I looked at each other than back up at Zevran and we both said at the said at the same time….yes.”

“I knew you’d both agree.”

Zevran had cut through the rope and in the dark Leliana and I couldn’t fully see what he was doing.  The mercy-seat clattered to the ground bumping and banging its way against the wall on its way down.”

Zevran replaced the dagger in his mouth and with both hands on the rope started to inch himself back up the rope.

“Uh, Zev, you’re going the wrong way.”

In the dim light we saw him shake his head no.

Leliana and I both looked at each other again and back at Zevran each of us holding our breath.  What is he up too we thought?

I heard the command I was expecting from Kristoff in Orlesian, just as Zevran made it back to the ledge of the wall up above.   Commander Radar was caught off guard when Zevran hoisted himself up and over the ledge, his daggers drawn on Rader ready for action.


Grey Wardens that should have been guarding me on the second floor had followed Commander Radar and his men up to the roof and they now had all of their blades held against the throats of Radar and his men.

“Shall we dance gentlemen?”  Zevran raised his eyebrows along with his question.

“Call your men off Radar.”

“I can’t allow the Warden Commander to leave this fort by the King’s order.”

“If you don’t let her go, then Ferelden won’t have a king.”

“What do you mean Warden?”

“She goes on a mission to protect Warden and future King Alistair along with her brother as well as herself, and to further stop another civil war from starting in Ferelden.”

“You must have faith Commander Radar that she will accomplish her mission, you must trust her…she has already proven she can handle the mission she is on, and the King must not know that she is gone.” “She goes to stop Anora and her followers from an uprising in the south.”

“Do you wish to see another civil war wreck more havoc on this country after the last civil war and the blight?”

“If anything happens to her the King will have my head.”

“No he won’t, I have a letter for him absolving you of any blame, in case she doesn’t return, written in her own hand on what she was trying to accomplish.”  “His Highness is to only receive the letter in case she fails her mission.”

“Will you help the Wardens Commander Radar?”

“If I don’t… then what?”

“Then you’ll leave me no choice except to have my men kill you and your men.”  “This is Warden Business.”  “We will take over this fort if need be.”

“I guess I don’t have much choice.”

“No, I’m afraid you don’t.

“Very well then, men stand down.”

All of the men lowered their swords, on Commander Rader’s orders and Kristoff in turn with a nod ordered the Wardens to stand down.

“I guess this means I can leave by the main entrance,” spoke Zevran.

“I guess so frowned Commander Radar.”

“Zevran…guard her back and make sure she gets back here.”

“With my life,” said Zevran as he took off at a run for the exit of the roof.”

Kristoff leaned over the ledge and called down to Leliana and me.  “Maker speed your steps Commander.”

I waved up at him that I had heard him.   I pulled the hood of my cloak up over my head and Leliana did the same since she had retrieved her cloak from the sleeping guard, and she and I ran off through the alley into the night.


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I’m a pet owner, love to cook, and I’m an OSU Buckeye Fan. Go Bucks! A couple of years ago I got into playing video games such as Dragon Age, and Neverwinter Nights which I'm totally hooked on. I also have varied interests such as: books, music, news, current events, art, local festivals, cooking and baking. I love classic/muscle cars. I'm also into: fan fiction, bloggers, the outdoors. I'm also into supporting wildlife species who are endangered and I do support local no-kill shelters in my areas. I'm also retired.
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